4 Things That Will Change the Way You Approach Sic Bo Online

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Sic Bo is one of a viable option to gain much cash on online gambling. Sic Bo is a game which originally came from South East Asia, particularly Cambodia. Of course, this game gains its popularity among South East Asia gamblers. Even though this game offers simplicity and great pace, you should know these 4 things that will change the way you approach sic bo online.

4 Things That Will Change the Way You Approach Sic Bo Online

4 Things That Will Change the Way You Approach Sic Bo Online

4 Things That Will Change the Way You Approach Sic Bo Online

Few Terminologies

Each gambling game has their own terminology. Novice bettors may ignore learning terminologies before you play the game. They assume that “learning by doing” is a good way in all gambling games. However, you will waste your time and money if you follow that.

Understanding terminology will help you gaining much cash in the game. Besides house edge, dealer, and bankroll sic bo only has a few important terminologies. So, you do not need to memorize many terminologies on sic bo game.

Spin refers to a situation where dealer shakes the dice on the basket.

Clear means when the table is literally clean and your bet is placed along with your pile.

Re-bet means that player place wager on the same number but it occurs in the second round.

The House Edge

House edge is a percentage that online casino and real money e-games betting site with free spins plus huge prizes and bonuses gains from the bettors’ wager. In simple words, the house edge is the only way for casino site to gain profits. The online casino has their own calculation determining how many percentages of house edge is. There is no effective strategy to run from house edge in Sic Bo online.

But, you can avoid it by understanding the house edge of the bets. We will provide the house edge number of famous bet in Sic Bo game. The house edge of small bet is 2.30 percent to 2.75 percent. The big bet is 2.30 % to 2.78 %. Odd and even has the similar number of house edge, 2.78 percent. Specific triple is in number 11.57 percent to 31 percent. Double is in number 10.50 percent.

Winning Probabilities

Winning probabilities is a percentage that shows how big your chance on the bet. Winning probability should be the main reference when you decide a bet on the particular wager. Make sure that you know the winning probabilities.

We will provide some famous bet in winning probability. A small and big bet has a big winning probability, precisely 48.50 percent. An odd and even number has 48.00 percent of the winning probability. A specific triple bet has 4.6 percent. A double bet is 7.4 percent Last but not least is any triple which has 2.78 percent of the house edge.

Famous Game in American Chinatown

Sic Bo is a Chinese gambling game. Sic Bo has literally meaning “pair of dice”. This game has other popular names, Dai Siu and Tsai Sai. This game gains its popularity among gamblers in Chinatown over American.

After you know four things that will change the way you approach Sic Bo online, you should play Sic Bo with confidence. Do not waste your chance and get many wins in sic bo online game.

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