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In past soccer was a game that was casually played. Its rules and regulations were violated because it was not possible to determine some critical fouls. The center referees and the rise-men had difficult times in determining such soccer fouls. In some instances, there would rise conflicts and disagreements when it came to determining if it is a goal or not a goal. There lacked effective communication between the match referees. This conflict, disagreements, and ineffective communication triggered violence among the players and from the spectators. Others would blame the center referee and claim he or she favored one team. These problems brought new inventions and innovations, which were necessitated to curb them. Researchers and academicians came up with different technology ways of determining soccer fouls. In addition, the referees were further trained on how to use the technology.

Understanding the digital or online soccer

Nowadays watching soccer either live or on a screen is very interesting. Digital platform has taken everything on. Before the match starts, there is a good explanation of each team’s players. The best players are portrayed well and their individual achievements highlighted there on. In past, one would watch a match for about ten minutes without knowing which teams are playing or the different between the players more so if they are from foreign countries. Other would recognize a team even after scoring. Digital platform implemented on soccer enables the team history and its achievements and failures to be highlighted to the players and to the interested parties.

When the matches are going on, the ball possession differences are shown on screen or announced by the soccer commentators. This makes it easy for the fans and team managers to predict the match results. Apart from ball possession, all the number of shots on target, the number of corner shootouts and passes played by each team are also portrayed. Goals and fouls are repeated shown through a technique called replay. This makes it easier for referees to determine whose foul belongs to which team. This gauges the team’s performance and enables the team to improve on their weak areas and change tactics where necessary.

The technology employed on soccer has also economically enhanced the lives of many through betting. It has brought light to the gamblers as they can place or cancel their bets online. There are many available options for placing bets on the online platform. Technology has also brought into existence many betting sites which break up the monopoly of large sites. It has really enhanced a healthy competition on betting sites. The recent technology on online betting being, one can be able to bet when the game is going on. It is referred to as live betting. That being an advantage to the gamblers although it is advised to bet wisely and responsibly.

In the last world cup tournament held in Brazil, a lot of technology was employed. Many people appreciated the work of researchers for their brilliant innovation and inventions. Managers of the matches had a few difficulties in managing the ball on the field. Referees were not required to run around the whole soccer pitch as witnessed in past tournaments. In addition, the pictorial side had improved a lot as compared to past pictures. Digital and three dimensions cameras were used to capture and stream all the happenings in the fields. This resulted in quality and three dimension pictures and displays, which was appreciated by the viewers. The most praised technology was the goal technology. After a goal was scored, it would be determined automatically using some devices installed in goalposts without referee’s intervention. We appreciate technology, let us embrace it on all fields.

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