Fouls in Soccer

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Soccer is a game like any other in sport. Any game is guided by rules and regulations that the players should observe to the latter.  These guidelines are made to govern the behavior of the twenty-two players in the field. Some players go wild hence these rules are of great importance. Soccer is one of the sports having the most number of the rules. Any wrong committed by any team is a foul, which is an advantage of the other team. Soccer being one of the famous and loved sport, its rules and regulations are commonly known by many.

fouls in soccer

Fouls in Soccer

Rules and some tips about fouls in playing soccer

There are several fouls in soccer the first one being a bad start. When starting the play there is, a certain way the ball should be kicked off. After the starting whistle from the referee, the starting player should first cross the ball to the opponents’ side then the game kicks off. If this is the required way, it becomes foul and the other team gets an advantage of starting the ball.

Another foul comes into play when the ball goes out of the playing pitch. This leads go either a thrown ball or a corner according to the nature of the incidence. A soccer pitch is a rectangular track of 100 meters by 50 meters. This makes a length and a width of the rectangular pitch having two goalposts at the center of the width side. If the ball is played out of the pitch on the length side, it becomes a thrown ball by the other team. Otherwise, if the ball goes out of the pitch through the shorter side it becomes a corner ball. A corner ball is a taken or started from the vertices of the length and width towards the goalpost.

There is this foul associated with a thrown ball. This happens when a player throws a ball towards his or her teammates in a wrong manner. The rules state that the player should not lift his or her legs while throwing the ball. If such offense is committed, the other team is given the advantage to throw the ball towards his or her teammates.

The other commonly known offenses are rough play and a handball. If a player plays rough to their opponents, it becomes a foul giving advantage to the opponents. Usually, players are advised to be vigilant about rough playing. The goalkeeper is the players required to use her or his hands to control the ball. If a ball comes intentionally or accidentally to players hands, it becomes a foul. In addition, there is a specific area where the goalkeeper is allowed to use his or her hands but not on the whole pitch. A back pass by a player towards the goalkeeper requires the goalkeeper not to use his or her hands unless it is a head ball.

Offside is another foul in a soccer game. It happens when a player or players go beyond the last opponents’ player towards the goalkeeper. It is one of the hard foul to determine because it is difficult to rule out. Many of the times, both the players and fans dispute it when more so the referee is not well experienced.

Lastly, when some fouls like rough play are committed frequently there is a production of a yellow card to warn the specific player. If the two yellow cards are shown to the same player in the same match, a red card follows which forces the players out of the pitch. That team plays with the remaining players until the match comes to an end. There are also other fouls according to the game arrangements.

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