Let us embrace sports in a higher learning institution

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Sport is an activity ranging from all ball games, athletics, and others. In lower learning institutions, pupils and students are very active in their involvement in sports. This comes because of them being forced into those activities. However, the main reason is that many of them are in their childhood life. As well, know children like playing when they are free and during this stage of life. Even others leave home chores unattended to go and play with their friends and peers. Others in school are eager to become well known like the famous athletes and best players. They are also forced into sports. Pupils and students in lower learning institutions are also obedient and honest and innocently take instructions and guidelines from their parents, elders, and teachers. Thus if it is time for games or sports they fully participate.

Let us embrace sports in a higher learning institution

Let us embrace sports in a higher learning institution

Sports in a higher learning institution

Apart from those who are forced to sports, there are still others who are very talented in sports. These talented pupils and students are seen as they grow because they show their interests in early stages. If these real talents are noticed in early stages, they should be nurtured for them to shine with time. Lastly, other arguments that push teens to fully participate in sports is that there is nothing else they can do during their leisure time rather than engaging in sports.

In higher learning institutions, things are very different. University and college students see and feel themselves are adults thus not necessary for being in sports. In higher learning institutions, rules and regulations are not as strict as compared to lower learning institutions. So, there are not forced to be involved in sports. They are treated as adults as they are responsible for their deeds. In other lower learning institutions, pupils and students are not responsible for their own deeds but their parents and guardians.

The only students from higher learning institutions who participate fully sports are those who are interested or those who are talented. Most of the other students who have no interest in sport do not even show up in playing fields and tracks. Others even spend their whole period in those institutions without stepping their feet on those playing grounds. If the playing grounds are located in a far distance from the institution, this is likely to happen.

The other reason why the sport is not embraced in higher learning institution is that students have other duties to attend to them. Some students are entrepreneurs and engage themselves in business activities. Even others are employed in different premises to work for their livelihood.  A part of students working, others are very busy in acquiring more knowledge through researchers. These students spend most of their time in library and institution’s computer laboratory doing personal or group researches, innovations, and new inventions.

There is another group of students, who take up many learning courses. These students are always occupied with classes and assignments hence they lack free time. This is because all these courses are tested separated in continuous assessments tests, term papers and in final examinations. Due to this pressure on these students to pass their exams and do well, they are much occupied. Have seen others even lack time for meals like lunch because of they are the busy schedule.

Other students keep on partying from one place to another during the weekends. They attend several ceremonies arranged by their friends or even outsiders invite them. This is because some of these students are talented in other areas like dancing, ribs breaking and so on.  So, these group of students is not able to take part in sports.

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