Penalty shootouts in Soccer

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Soccer is a game which entails eleven players each side. The first player is referred to as a goalkeeper .He or she is the only one allowed to use his or her hands to control the ball from entering into the post. This comes as each team scoring in opponent’s goal post plays the game. So, the goalkeeper should prevent the ball from entering into the goal post. The goalkeeper has a marked area in which he or she is required to use his or her hands to prevent the ball. If he or she uses his or her hand in other areas other than the required it becomes a foul.  That foul becomes an advantage to the other team. In addition, a backward pass should not be prevented using hands by the goalkeeper. In recent days, the only pass which the goalkeeper should use his or her hands is a head ball. Those are some of the new rules emerging from FIFA.

Penalties in soccer come into play under different circumstances

A penalty is played ten meters away from the goalpost. There is not blocking of the ball by the players like the other fouls. It is a direct play by the opposing team player with a goalkeeper on the goalpost. The goalkeeper is there to prevent the ball from entering into the goalpost through any means. The players from each side are always careful not to commit any foul, which may lead to a penalty towards their side. This is because a penalty is considered as a direct win although some of them are lost. In a penalty shootout, there is no best player .Most of the best players lose penalty shootouts.

There are different circumstances under which a penalty can be awarded by a referee in a football match. The most obvious one is if there is a foul around the goalpost area. This area is commonly referred as the eighteen area. It literally means eighteen meters from the goalpost. If the defenders make any foul in that area , a direct penalty is awarded by the referee. These fouls may be either a handball by a defending player or a bad or a rough play by the defending players to the opponents.

A penalty is also awarded after a certain number of corner balls. A corner ball is played when the players play the ball on the pitch. It comes into play when the ball is played on the pitch but on goalkeeper’s side, the other team is awarded a corner play, which is played on the corner of the pitch hence the name corner ball. A penalty is awarded when the opponents are awarded four consecutive corner plays. The fifth corner translates into a penalty.

Penalties are also played in knockout matches. A knockout match is a match where one team has to be eliminated. After the team draws or scores the same number of goal in the full-time play, the teams are awarded extra thirty minutes. They usually play fifteen minutes and then they exchange the goalpost in the last fifteen minutes. Once also the match yields same goals from each team or even no goals from each team, penalties are awarded. Each team is given equal chances of playing the penalties. It is usually five chances from each team. Five players are selected by the teammates to represent the whole team in playing the penalties.

These penalty shootouts determine which team will knock out of the tournament. If there is no difference in the outcome after playing the penalties, other players are selected to play the penalties again. The team that secures most scores proceeds to the next level of the tournament.

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