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Poker is a game, which is played for either leisure or for real gambling which involves gain or loss. The game involves cards which have letters, numbers and others names. These cards can be bought from retail shops or other makes their own cards. The cards are labeled on one side, which is its identity, and the other side is referred to as a cover or outer side. The outer sides of these cards are identical. This makes it very hard to the players to predict or guess the identity of the card. The identity of these cards is on their vertices on inner side as they are on a rectangular shape. There are also different pictures drawn on the cards. The commonly drawn pictures are of kings, queens, and lions.

poker cards


Advises to know the rule of this game

 The basic rules concern the different arrangements of the cards to determine if one has arranged them in required manner. The cards comprise of letters like A, J, K, and Q. letter A in poker cards represents number one, letter J represents number eleven ,letter k in poker cards stands for number twelve and lastly cards with letter Q are used as number thirteen respectively. There are four cards labeled A. it is only lettered A that is represented by four cards as the others are only two. Cards representing letter A plays a vital role in arrangements of the cards to determine the winner. Card A plays many roles in concluding the game. When a player arranges three letter A cards and any other two similar cards is confirmed as a winner. There are also other arrangements which involve card A. when the players decide the winner have cards arranged in a defined manner like AK47 it also includes letter A.

The other letters, which are letters J, K, and Q also are very important to end the game towards that extreme side. The other unique card that is in poker cards is Joker. This card is unique as it represents two options. It stands for either zero or number fourteen. It is only used to conclude the game if the game winner is determined by arranging the cards in chronological order. So, if one arranges his or her cards from 10, J, K, Q the Joker card is used as fourteen to end the game. On the other hand, if one arranges his or her cards from 4,3,2,1 the Joker card is used to act as zero to conclude the game. If the winner of the game is not determined by this criterion, the joker card becomes useless. This is because it is not used in any way to determine the winner of the game. On other times, some players decide to eliminate these cards as they feel they are useless to the game. Others feel when the joker cards are there, it will be very easy to get the winner of the game without much struggle.

The last type of poker cards comprises of numbers. These numbers range from two to ten. There are only two cards representing these cards in the poker cards. The main common win in a poker game is determined by arranging these numbers in their ascending or descending order. This is the basic rule in a poker game. The new players learn this concept first before any other combinations of cards. The combination of the four types of poker cards makes up the bundle of cards. That is all that entails poker cards, its arrangement, and its winning criterion.

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