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Sport is any activity that uses physical strength combined with some skills. Sports activities are diversely categorized into many types. Sports are seen as mostly dominated by men. In past women were not allowed to take part in sports. They were seen as enabling people and the lazy whole cannot hold all their time on fields and tracks. These also came in line with the perception that, society holds women like those who should be homes taking care of the children. Although many family responsibilities rest to women, things have changed a lot since then. Although there are some types of sports dominated by male spices, women are largely participating in other fields.

Some games that are played by women

In ball games, men have dominated that fields even if good woman players emerge, they are not appreciated. Also in many countries and continents, they do not invest in women ball games especially soccer and rugby. The commonly known women’s ball games are netball, volleyball, and basketball. The women’s ball games competitions are not given adequate airwave like in men ball games. Their teams do not even attract sponsors and well-wishers like men’s ones. The fans and followers of ball games seem not to be interested in women’s ball games as they term it as boring. When it comes to the world of gamblers, they do not recognize their games. This is because they term their games as unpredictable and games of chances but not skills.

When it comes to athletics, men and women athletes are indifferent. This is the only field where women are equally recognized like their male counterparts. The only difference we have seen in these athletics track events is that men are faster than women are. They take a shorter time to complete those races as compared to women.  Nevertheless, each category in both male and female competitions has their own record. According to me the only reason I think this occurs is because they are grouped separately. This happens in every category of competition when it comes to athletics. If it was a mix-up struggle, men would also have dominated this fields. In athletics, it is the only type of sport, which needs very little skills. Here it depends on one’s talent and sometimes hobbies. White people have seen shining in the other types of sports but in athletics, it has not races or color. We have seen African countries like Kenya shine despite them been termed as black people.

In field events which are taken together with the track events, men are seen to shine more than women despite them being in different categories. These field events are taken by both genders under different separated groupings. We are all aware of the famous YouTube athlete from Kenya known as Julius Yego. He has of late being a superstar in the javelin. I wonder why there are no women superstars yet they are in separate groups. This brings light to me that, also field events are been dominated by the male gender.

Lastly, there are other categories of sports like hockey and golf. Hockey has not been so famous on women like in men. It is even unknown game to some countries as played by women. I do not know if there are competitions of hockey held up to the world level. I guess have not even heard of hockey world competition. When it comes to golf, it is seen as wealthy people’s dominated game. It is mostly participated by famous people and particularly in major cities. It is taken by both the genders, so, it is equally dominated.

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